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Last updated: 25th August 2021

District Level Hi-Tech Park Installation (12 Districts)

Project Information 



Division name


ICT Division


Implementing Organization


Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority


Project name


IT at the district level/Establishment of Hi-Tech Parks (in 12 districts)


Implementation period


July 2017 AD: - June 2021 AD:


Project area


Mymensingh Sadar, Jamalpur Sadar, Keraniganj in Dhaka, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology in Gopalganj, Comilla Sadar South, Port in Chittagong, Ramu in Cox's Bazar, Rangpur Sadar, Singra in Natore, Companiganj in Sylhet, Barisal Sadar and Khulna Kuet.


Estimated Expenditure (in lakhs)


179640.21 lakh taka only


Source of money



5000 lakh taka 


10000 lakh taka (Financing of Indian 2nd Line of Credit)


Date of approval


The project was approved at the ECNEC meeting on April 25, 2017


Main purpose of the project


Establishment of IT park infrastructure.


Human resource development.


Attracting local and foreign companies for the development of the IT / ITES industry in Bangladesh.


Created IT ITES / Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Hub.


Creating job sectors.


(A) Functions to be taken under the project/Description of major organs


The total floor of each building under construction

1.Construction of 7-storey (15,000 sq ft) multi tenant building (steel structure) in 12 districts.

(A total of 1 lakh 5 thousand square feet MTB building in each park);


2. Construction of 3-storey (each floor 7,000 sq ft) canteen and amphitheater buildings (steel structures) in 12 districts. (A total of 21,000 square feet of canteen and amphitheater buildings in each park);


3. Construction of 3 storey (each floor 6,000 sq ft) dormitory building (RCC) in 8 districts. (A total of 18,000 sq ft of dormitory buildings in each park);


4. Electro-mechanical work in 12 parks:

( Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, 33 KVA Line, 300 KVA Generator, Fiber Optic Connection, Security System, Networking System, Digital Video Conferencing System and Smart Building )




Each floor size


If there are training activities, then Total batches, number of trainees, etc.

A) IT / ITES training; A total of 30 thousand

(Graphics Design, Android Mobile Operations, Java SE-8 Programming, Web Application Development, Network and Server Administration, Core Hardware and Operating System), BPO, E-Commerce, SQL  Administration etc. training will be given.


B) Training on skills development of government officials / employees in the ICT sector; A total of 120 people.


Other organs

A) Establishment of specialized labs in different universities; (09)


How many people will be employed under the project


If implemented, the project will create employment opportunities for about 60,000 people


Updated detailed progress



The project was approved at the ECNEC meeting on April 25, 2017.



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