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Last updated: 23rd July 2023

Establishment of Sheikh Kamal IT Training and Incubation Center Project (14 Nos.)



Name & Designation


Engr. Mohammad Atiqul Islam

Project Director

Mobile: 01712-259696

Phone: 02-41025350

Mobile: pd14it@bhtpa.gov.bd

Firoj Ahmed

Deputy Project Director

Mobile:  01917-884840

Phone:  02-41025351

E-mail: dpd1_14it@bhtpa.gov.bd


Assistant Project Director

Mobile:  01912-463448

Phone:  02-41025352

E-mail: apd1_14it@bhtpa.gov.bd

Tanjila Khatun

Training course coordinator

(Assistant Programmer)

Mobile: 01715-992254

E-mail: tanjila14itbhtpa@gmail.com

Md. Bahar Uddin

Assistant Engineer (Civil)

Mobile: 01917-434210

E-mail: bahar.engr@gmail.com

Md. Obaydul Haqe

Assistant Engineer (Civil))

Mobile:  01715-525072

E-mail:  juned5072@gmail.com

Anika Nisa

Assistant Engineer (E/M)

Mobile: 01686-607506

E-mail: anika.nisa23@gmail.com

Md. Shahadat Hossain

Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil)

Mobile:  01738-034156

E-mail: shahadat785209@gmail.com

G S M Bayezid Alam

Sub-Assistant Engineer (E/M)

Mobile: 01722221001

E-mail: bayezid.alam.bd@gmail.com

Md. Salim Mahmud


Mobile:  01675-394830

E-mail: salimbhtpa@gmail.com

Md. Ismail Hossain

Office Assistant Cum Computer Typist

Mobile:   01910-445590

E-mail:  ismail14itbhtpa@gmail.com

Bristi Modak

Office Assistant Cum Computer Typist

Mobile:  01645-390963

E-mail:  bristi14it@gmail.com


Office Assistant Cum Computer Typist

Mobile:  01752-050624

E-mail: taslima14it@gmail.com